Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Canada, a new chart layer in the Marine GeoGarage

CHS (Canadian Hydrographic Service) gives us its agreement to display their nautical raster charts (a set of 768 charts, 1618 charts including sub-charts) in the Marine GeoGarage.

--- END-USER RESPONSIBILITY ----------------------

This web application has been produced by MAGIC INSTINCT Software based on Canadian Hydrographic Service ("CHS") data,
following any minimum standards/guidelines that may been established by CHS, pursuant to CHS Digital VAR Agreement N° 2010-0331-1260-M.
The incorporation of data sourced from CHS in this product shall not be construed as constituting an endorsement by CHS of this product.
This product does not meet the requirements of the Charts and Nautical Publications Regulations under the Canada Shipping Act.
Certified charts and publications, corrected and up-to-date, must be used to meet the requirements of those regulations.

Mariners should keep nautical charts up-to-date by consulting the Notices to Mariners which are monthly edited :

So with the Premium Chart subscription
(9.9 € / month), you have access right now to all 3 additional raster chart private layers :
  • UKHO (United Kingdom)
  • SNH (Argentina)
  • CHS (Canada)

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