Sunday, May 19, 2024

Adventure at sea: when a can of tuna saves the day!

Right in the middle of his journey at sea, Philippe Poupon encounters a minor setback:
his GPS antenna is acting up, depriving his SmartConnect device of its role as cheerleader for sharing his adventures with you all. 

But that's no problem!
With a dash of creativity and a pinch of resourcefulness, his weather router, Maurice Uguen, concocts a brilliant plan: build an antenna out of a simple tin of pâté.  

Well, Philippe didn't have any pâté on board, but a tin of tuna took its place to play the lead role in this technological adventure on the high seas! 
And guess what? 
It worked like a charm! 
The device is transmitting again, sharing our favourite navigator's every move. 

Because as we all know, when you're at sea, you have to be clever, resourceful and, above all, have a soft spot for pâté... or tuna!

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