Sunday, March 31, 2024

Visiting the most crowded island on Earth

Santa Cruz del Islote has an area of just one percent of a square kilometer in size where 816 people squeeze their entire lives.
The island is so full that a guy does his daily workout routine near a dog feces and chaotic life here creates new adaptations.
Since we arrived on the island, we’ve been constantly encountering people no matter where we turn. People come out from every corner.
It’s impossible to be alone on these crowded streets.
Each house here has dozens of people living together in tiny rooms.
Ruhi: How many people live in this room?
Tall Woman: About ten.
This is an average room of an average house, you will be shocked when you see how other people live.
But these people have a much bigger problem than these houses which makes life so extremely terrible here.
Welcome to the most densely populated island on Earth.
Visualization with the GeoGarage platform (NGA nautical raster chart)

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