Saturday, April 8, 2023

Seabed cleaning platform – removing marine litter from Venice lagoon (Maelstrom Project)

Plastics and marine litter pollution in the #Oceans are a major and global issue.
The ideal actions to be pursuit should be avoiding single-use #Plastics and impeding waste in general from ending up in the ecosystems.
But what to do with the legacy plastics and marine litter already lying on the seabed, that fragments into microplastics and contaminates shells, fishes and humans?
Within the Maelstrom H2020 project (, TECNALIA (with the collaboration of CNRS-LIRMM, ST ServiziTecnici and CNR-ISMAR) envisioned a radically new solution by adapting the #CableRobotics technology to the marine and underwater environment.
We thus created the worldwide first Robotic Seabed Cleaning Platform based on cable robotics technology (patent pending).
And we are now very proud to unveil this video demonstrating the capabilities of the Robotic Seabed Cleaning Platform to remove marine litter in the Venice lagoon!

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