Saturday, September 4, 2021

Curious southern right whale nudges paddleboarder in Argentina

 A drone captured the incredible moment a whale pushed a paddleboard with its fin. Maximiliano Jonas filmed the amazing footage off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina, on August 31.
Maximiliano used a drone to capture the moment a Southern right whale approached a paddler board on which his friend Analia Giorgetti was sitting. 
Incredibly, the whale gently pushed the paddleboard forward with one of its fins, in a video that has gone viral online. 
A rare encounter when a southern right whale seemingly plays with a woman on a paddleboard and pushes the board gently forward, observing its movement as it swims directly beneath it.
"They are rare moments, it is something that is prohibited," said Oscar Comes, a local water-sports tourism operator.
"It isn't like you can go in a kayak, standup board, a boat, or whatever, to look for the animal."
Onscreen credit :  @maxijonas

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