Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ricardo Diniz, "Kick Ass or Get Lost"

In this talk at TEDxEdges 2011, Ricardo Diniz gives us a provocative talk on "Kicking Ass or just Getting Lost!".

Originally from a fishing village in Portugal, Ricardo has travelled the world fast and furious as an offshore sailor and young entrepreneur.
At the grand age of 22 he was living it large as a captain in the Caribbean making his first decent money, which he promptly invested in his sailing projects and first company.
By the age of 24 Ricardo had approached over 4000 companies around the world.
His day to day was about hitting up big companies for big bucks to fund big dreams.
Most of them said NO!
This tough, often soul destroying trek, proved to be essential in defining his passion for excellence and team work.
For years Ricardo has passionately promoted Portugal globally through creative sailing and educational projects, now making him one of the most sought after speakers in schools, universities and companies.
Co-Founder and President of the Portugal Ocean Race, Ricardo is on a mission to create “… the world’s leading around the world yacht race as the ultimate way to communicate Portugal’s incredible maritime and business potential to the world”.

Brussels nominated him European Ambassador for the Oceans.
Shortly after he was a finalist in Portugal's Most Motivating Person Award.
CNN, BBC, National Geographic and pretty much every single major media entity in Portugal have generously covered Ricardo's projects since 1996.
Co-Founder and President of the Portugal Ocean Race, Ricardo will share his thrilling experience with us.

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