Sunday, September 11, 2011

Amazing pictures of waves

One of the most amazing pictures ever taken by photographer Clark Little. He dedicated his life to produce these stunning photographs inside a breaking wave to give a unique vision of the power of the sea. (Clark Little/SWNS/Abaca)

Giant wave on the beach at Ke Iki, Hawaii, considered one of the best surf spots in the world. (Clark Little / SIPA)

All surfers in the world want to face it, while fear it. In French Polynesia, Teahupoo (the "wall of heads") is a powerful and sudden wave that emerges from the Pacific Ocean at high tide. The proximity of the reef (a few tens of centimeters from the surface when the depression is formed, leaving only a shallow draft) emphasizes the danger. (Peter Joli / Visual)

Teahupoo, Tahiti
Benjamin Thouard (Sea & Co

The wave of Hokusai ... ! There are times when one would rather be elsewhere. Outside of Dungeons Reef, a legendary surf spot off Hout Bay, South Africa. Jake Kolnik (which was unhurt in the adventure!) is known as one of the best big wave surfers. He participated in by Rebel Sessions, a competition that lasts a hundred days, from July 15 to October 22, in which surfers from around the world defy the winter swell. Frisson guaranteed. Hunted by the objectives of the organizers, the best performance immortalized is then submitted to a jury of six professional surfing. (Nic Bothma / EPA / MAXPPP)

Very relaxed, South African surfer Josh Redman Tuesday faced the huge waves of Cape Town, on the southern tip of the country. From July to October each year, surfers play with the raging elements in the Rebel Sessions Awards where they offer a demonstration of their talents to many photographers. However, these shows remain dependent on the weather, sometimes capricious in that part of the globe. (Nic Bothma / EPA / MAXPPP)

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