Thursday, July 22, 2010

Caves scuba diving with Wes Skiles

The blue holes of the Bahamas yield a scientific trove that may even shed light on life beyond Earth.
If only they weren’t so dangerous to explore.
Photograph by Wes C. Skiles

From National Geographic

Photographer Wes Skiles began to learn his craft in the most demanding environment on Earth: underwater caves.

As a teenager, camera in hand, he explored Florida's underwater labyrinths to capture images of this unphotographed realm.
He developed and refined the technique he became most known for: using multiple slaved strobes to dramatically illuminate and photograph this never-before-seen environment.

Later, as explorations led Skiles to remote locations around the world, he would strive to employ the latest technology, enhancing his ability to explore the environment and return with stunning images.
He's participated in caving and cave-diving expeditions in Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

As an expedition cameraman, Skiles specializes in capturing images of people and wildlife on the edge of extreme frontiers.
His visual imagery provides the viewer with an intimate understanding and unique perspective of his subjects.

Skiles works on assignment as a freelance photographer for National Geographic magazine.
His work has also been featured in Outside and numerous diving publications.
Skiles is equally skilled in the art of telling stories though moving pictures.
He has produced, directed, and filmed over a hundred television films, many of which have won international awards and acclaim.

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