Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marine GeoGarage sightseeing contest : win a 'Chart Premium' subscription

Following to our previous post :

Marine GeoGarage gives to the user the possibility to superimpose official raster charts from International Hydrographic Services upon Google aerial and satellite imagery, it could be interesting to report sights with major differences.

see : NOAA shoreline website

Aerial and satellite Google images are regularly updated with accuracy improvements (see the Historical imagery tool in Google Earth), so the use of the Marine GeoGarage nautical chart opacity tool could become a basic technique for coastal change monitoring.

User feedback :

Users who note a major difference between imagery and nautical chart can report us ( the place using the network link at the bottom left side of the viewer.

GeoGarage contest :

We will publish a specific page signaling the different reports (with reference to the user or in an anonymous way).
Every month, the GeoGarage team will select the most significant report and will credit a month 'Premium Chart' for the winner.

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