Monday, September 18, 2023

Lost and found: the fascinating tale of Sarong Island and the power of archival research

Detail from a 1992 nautical chart shows that both Sarong Island and Pulau Selegu are now part of Sentosa.
The two islands were reclaimed in the late 1970s. Singapore. 
Nautical Chart 60 “Keppel Harbour and Cruise Bay”, 18/03/1992, HC000490, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore.
Raster chart for Small Craft Singapore Strait And Adjacent Waterways, 2011/2012  

SG5C4035 MPA ENC in the GeoGarage platform

From Medium by National Library Singapore

Not many people know this, but there was once an island off the northwestern coast of Sentosa named Sarong Island.
It no longer exists now, having been merged with the larger island of Sentosa.