Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rock and Roll in the Roaring Forties - Dagmar Aaen of Arved Fuchs expeditions

Dagmar Aaen on her "Ocean Change" Expeditions by Arved Fuchs.
Here on the way from Ushuaia Argentina to Piriapolis in Uruguay.
Footage by Arved Fuchs, Felix Hellmann and Heimir Harðarson.

The Dagmar Aaen was built as a fishing cutter in 1931 in the Danish city of Esbjerg at the N. P. Jensen shipyard and was given the registration number E 510.
The hull was built out of six cm oak planks and oak frames.
The space between the single frames is sometimes so small, that a fist can hardly fit between them.
Because of this and due to the addition of extra waterproof bulkheads, the hull was given a remarkably high strength.
The ship was often used in the Greenland region because of its solid built and its choice building materials.
Journeys through ice-fields and months of overwintering in frozen fjords and bays meant daily routine to a ship of this type.
The famous Greenland explorer Knut Rasmussen chose just such a ship for one of his expeditions in the Arctic regions.
The Dagmar Aaen was employed for the fishing industry until 1977.
Niels Bach purchased her in 1988 together with the Peters shipyard in Wewelsfleth Germany and the Skibs & Bædebyggeri shipyard, owned by Christian Jonsson in Egernsund Denmark, built her into expedition ship with ice reinforcements.
Since this time there have been many repairs and changes done at the shipyard, in order to adapt the ship to the different conditions on each expedition.

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