Sunday, January 28, 2018

A brief history of shipping

A video illustrating how one idea completely transformed the modern-day shipping industry.
What’s next? 

From WSJ by Costas Paris, Thomas Di Fonzo, and Liliana Llamas

The container shipping industry is booming and companies are moving cargo around the world faster than ever.
But how did we get here?
This video explains the simple idea that transformed the industry and where it’s headed next.

Container shipping underpins the global economy, moving $4 trillion of goods every year, from clothes and electronics to food and heavy machinery.
But how did we get here?
It took one idea in the mid 20th-century to revolutionize the industry and ignite a spark in globalization that changed the world.

 Map of the World British trade (in 1912)

At times, it’s been a rough sailing.
The industry has faced criticism for too many ships in the water and from those who say it’s responsible for around a quarter off the world’s nitrogen oxide pollution.
This video details the history of container shipping through the centuries, how it revolutionized global trade, and where it’s headed next.

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