Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beirut set sail in the 'The Rip TIde'

From RollingStone

The debut music video from director Houmam Abdallah combines the real with the surreal as we follow a wandering boat into a world where art and nature merge.

In the new video for "The Rip Tide," indie folk group Beirut present serene, mesmerizing scenery with a boat sailing on the sea.
As singer-songwriter Zach Condon sings over beautifully layered orchestral arrangements, the little boat continues on its way, drifting along the wind and the currents.
As the video approaches the end, gorgeous, ethereal clouds of crimson and blue envelop the sailboat, draping the ship in constantly changing colors.
The clip soothes until the climax, taking the video's visual reality to magical heights.

The new video for the title track of Beirut's current album, The Rip Tide was inspired by Salvador Dali, Georges Seurat and JMW Turner whose glorious use of light and colour is evoked in this nautical adventure.

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