Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tip of the day : how to create a link to the Marine GeoGarage

Geo link to the Marine GeoGarage

If you need to send the display of a specific area containing the nautical map at the scale of your choice :
  • move the cursor of the mouse to the left bottom corner of the map
  • a small window appears (show in red above)
  • click once on the first line (Link) to copy and paste the html address for sending this link via Email or Instant Messaging (IM)
For 'Public' layers (NOAA US, Linz NZ, DHN Brazil ), select at first the chart layer, and this one will be automatically recorded in the Marine GeoGarage link.
Ex.: Fort Lauderdale, Bahia Mar Yacht Club

For 'Private' chart layers (UKHO, CHS Canada, SHN Argentina) , you need to be registered with 'Chart Premium' access
Ex. : Bassin Louise, Quebec ( to view the above CHS chart)

Note : you can eventually use the service of some URL shortening services (bit.ly ...) in order to insert your Marine GeoGarage link in a short form for Twitter
Ex. : http://bit.ly/doluXW / http://bit.ly/aV47Zk tied to the above examples

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