Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The story of the captain who wrecked twice the same boat in the same place

Wreck of the 1952-built EVER PROSPERITY (e-UMA MARU)
The wreck of the former Liberty EVER PROSPERITY can be seen 45 mile to the SE of this one.

From Artificialowl

They might not be the most spectacular shipwrecks you have ever seen, but the story that lead those 2 ships to wreck on the reef coast of new Caledonia is pretty unusual.

The strange story of the two "Ever Prosperity".
They were twin ships ("Liberty ships"), they had same name and same base port in Monrovia, Liberia.

The first "Ever Prosperity" went straight up on the West Coast barrier reef in 1965.

>>> geolocalization with the Marine GeoGarage <<<

The second one did exactly same in 1970.

>>> geolocalization with the Marine GeoGarage <<<

It was the same captain, a Korean man, who had been commanding each ship at the time of her grounding!

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