Saturday, April 24, 2010

French National Library online exhibition : the Unknown Sea

The French National library (BnF) presents a major
online exhibition issued from a real exhibition which occurs from October 2004 to January 2005 at the BnF on the subject of the sea, entitled "La Mer, terreur et fascination" together with a pool of documentation and research centers on oceanology from Brest (Brittany, France).

The online exhibition presents the sea element through a scientific, artistic and imaginary approach.
Exhibition materials include manuscripts, illuminations, engraving, maps, literary and scientific texts, paintings, musical works, audiovisual workstations and films.

The time span ranges from the 13th century to present-day materials.

The Maps section contains pictures and short historical and cartographical descriptions of European and Arabic mappamundi, T-O maps, portolans, Ptolemy's Cosmographia and the Catalan Atlas.
The Island section shows and describes the depiction of islands in several historical documents like Medieval manuscripts, Ortelius' Parergon and the sea atlas of Bellin.

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