Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sailing aircraft or flying yacht ?

Some aircraft called S4-sail-6P, convertible in sailboat has been designed by Octuri (aka Yelken Octuri), who usually works in aeronautic industry in Toulouse (France) and wanted a four-seat aircraft that can be transformed into sailing at will.

The wings of the aircraft become the sails of the boat, they are indeed able to stand up and bow at different angles to follow the wind direction.

The aircraft has two propellers, which are arranged on the tail of the plane, one behind the other. The cockpit can be opened during the boat trips through a sliding glass canopy and finally, both located under the glass roof panels can be arranged in a horizontal position for the amphibious boat mode, in order to enlarge the living space cockpit.

Futurist concepts for the pleasure to dream.

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