Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waterspouts 'tornado' Australia caught on camera, raw footage

Huge waterspout -- tornadoes formed over water -- caught on cam
The aerial videos seen below were filmed from a helicopter by Australia's Channel 7,
which claimed that they reached heights of nearly 2,000 feet.

Australia's Channel Seven captured multiple, powerful waterspouts from a helicopter about 55 miles northeast of Sydney.
They claim the spouts reached heights of nearly 2,000 feet, but dissipated as they neared land.

A spectacular waterspout appears off the east coast of Australia, creating a twisting pillar of water hundreds of metres high.
A waterspout appeared off the central coast of Australia's New South Wales coast as extreme weather hammered down on other parts of the region on Monday causing a huge sprouting fountain in the middle of the ocean.
A heavy storm across the coast, north of Sydney resulted in three additional waterspouts, according to local residents.

Waterspouts are formed when a high layer of cold air blows across a body of water, either the ocean, a lake or a river and clashes with the warm air below.
Inside the spout, winds can reach speeds of up to 62.1 miles an hour.
They have also been known to pick up various sea-life and dump it on land.
Like land tornadoes, waterspouts often appear in groups.

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