Sunday, July 10, 2022

Helicopter crash at Pointe du Raz

Incredible !!!!
A helicopter avoided the crash this Wednesday, July 6, 2022 over the lighthouse of La Vieille at the Pointe du Raz.
The video was captured by the webcam of Audierne Info installed on the semaphore of the Pointe du Raz.
It was a maintenance operation on the Vieille lighthouse by the lighthouse and beacon personnel.
Localization with the GeoGarage platform (Shom nautical raster chart)
This maintenance work on the Vieille lighthouse is supervised by the Interregional Directorate of the North Atlantic Channel Sea (Dir Namo) and carried out by the Lighthouse and Beacon Service (Phares et Balises)
 The accident occurred when the helicopter was removing one of the frames of the lighthouse's lantern. The helicopter lifted the load vertically, became unbalanced and the pilot lost control.
The helicopter pilot performed a desperate maneuver a few meters from the surface of the sea.
This opened the airbags of the helicopter and caused a thick smoke.
The experienced pilot of the company Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Bretagne based in Vannes left the area

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