Friday, March 7, 2014

Ukrainian crisis: Situation map

source : NGA nautical chart with the Marine GeoGarage

 Map of Crimea (Samuel Mitchell, 1859)
David Rumsey collection

From Washington Post by Gene Thorp and Denise Lu

Russia has seized control of the Crimean peninsula, where armed forces wearing unidentified uniforms have surrounded Ukrainian military facilities and air bases.
Key airports and naval headquarters have been blocked.
Although Kremlin has said the troops are needed to protect civilians in the region, many of whom are ethnically Russian, Russian troops essentially outnumber Ukrainian forces in Crimea.
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Blockade continues

Russian naval vessels cruising Sevastopol Harbor continue to block in three Ukrainian ships.
The Russian Black Sea Fleet is based in the same port.

source : NGA nautical chart with the Marine GeoGarage

Major ships of the Soviet and Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

 Ukrainian airfield closed

Russian troops have occupied Belbek Airbase.
About 200 unarmed Ukrainian airmen tried to enter the base on Tuesday, but were turned away after warning shots were fired by pro-Russia militia.

Crossing seized

Russian troops reportedly seized the Ukrainian ferry at Kerch Monday. Russian navy ships blocked off both ends of the Kerch Strait Tuesday and armored vehicles were seen gathering on the Russian side.

source : NGA nautical chart with the Marine GeoGarage

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