Thursday, September 8, 2016

World’s first app to be approved by the UK Hydrographic Office for the provision of official ADMIRALTY corrections

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Launched 1 September 2016, our new app is the worlds first providing the approved ADMIRALTY paper chart corrections, including tracings, notice and correction blocks, via an electronic tablet.

Developed by mariners for mariners, we reviewed the many other chart correction software on the market and determined most are swamped with features which the average mariner simply doesn't want or need.
Their overcomplicated menu structures and inability to easily find the relevant information mean the person designated maintenance of the chart ouftit can waste much time when all they want to do is download the corrections for the forthcoming passage, apply them and execute the passage plan.
Our app has been designed specificially to make it as easy and intuative as possible for the mariner so they spend more time looking out of the winder when on watch or able to catch up with sleep when off.

The app was deliberately created due to the lack of software compatible for the Mac operating system and therefore this will run on any iOS or Android tablet and should you lose or damage that equipment, simply download the app to another, log in with your main user account and carry on from the last sync which was conducted without having to re-load your outfit manually again.

With a simple user interface, the app will allow the user to among other things:
Build their outfit from the standard UKHO catalogue of folios and store them in the same folio structure or a completely customable format specific to that vessel.
As another industry first, log in duplicate charts, useful when two or more of the same are held on board or perfect for training schools and academies with multiple copies of the same.
Having entered your outfit, quickly set the latest Notice to Mariner and apply it to one, all or as many of the charts as necessary.
Determine which corrections to download to save time and communication costs.
Generate additional users on board to maintain full accountability of the chart correction trail.
View or print audit compliant reports detailing the full status of the outfit, corrections, T's & P's and other relevant information.

Ideal for management companies too

As an additional advantage, we've developed the app with the added convenience which allows management companies to log in remotedly via the website to the outfit of each of their vessels to determine its status.
This useful feature not only allows the superintendent to keep an eye on the chart status but also prepare for any forthcoming audit.

Furthermore, if charts are kept in storage at the management company where a correcting service is in place, the corrector can similarly log into the vessel outfit and 'apply' the corrections as the charts are returned on board which again saves time for the bridge team.

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