Sunday, August 23, 2015

New colors in the French charts from SHOM

Example of detailed chart updated for SEM-REV project
with new land color

Since the beginning of 2015, the geoTIFF raster files which are the base material provided by SHOM and processed in the GeoGarage platform have a new color for land areas (new color previously used for the harbor drawings in the Nautical instructions) :

Note : in 2014, the printed L paper maps already displayed this color; but the flat paper maps adopt the same color at the beginning of 2015.

For memory, some old views of the SHOM layer in ancient versions :

GeoGarage with ancient color (flesh-colored) SHOM maps

The official viewer on the still displays the ancient color (flesh-colored)
indicating that SHOM didn't update the displayed charts

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  1. Depuis le 13 avril 2016, est désormais projeté en Web Mercator Sphérique (EPSG:3857).
    De plus, l'ensemble de l'offre RasterMarine20 (cartes à des échelles supérieures ou égales au 1/27084ème) a été mise à jour (cartes avec terres en couleur jaune).