Saturday, April 18, 2015

Aonrù in Ireland : basking shark interaction

Last summer some bathers in Cork got quite a shock when a giant basking shark decided to pay a visit to Cape Clear bay.
Some documentary makers just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and managed to capture some amazing footage of the huge creature (which is harmless).
Producer Jason Gaffney said they were shooting footage for their new documentary  titled Aonrú - which is about the island’s demise – and were fortunate enough to be shooting when the shark arrived near some kayakers.

The footage of that day plays just one small part in a film that hopes to capture the lifestyle of people living on Cape Clear Island, their fears about the future and their perspective on how and why the fishing industry fell into such rapid decline, said Gaffney.

 Cape Clear island with the Marine GeoGarage

We also wanted to shoot the island in a way that would bring it to a wider audience.
It’s a stunning part of the world and one that few people know about.
Aonrú presents a unique portrait of the island from the air, the ground, the sea and beneath the water.

A richly textured documentary essay on isolation, history, loss and change Aonrú offers a unique exploration of Cape Clear Island, West Cork and the extinction of its indigenous fishing industry.
Fussing archive footage and experimental camera techniques this portrait of an island facing uncertainty celebrates one of mankind's oldest endeavours and questions its place in modern day rural Ireland.

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