Saturday, June 14, 2014

Monster wave - wave of your life

After a life on the World Championship Tour Dean Morrison has set his sights to making a life chasing monsters.
Mark Mathews, Ryan Hipwood, Dean Morrison chased this swell across to WA to a unique reef 6 hours south east of Perth.
This swell was looked as one of the biggest in 3 years.
On a day like this you know that there will be consequences.
But on on the other side of the danger you can score the wave of your life.
Dean Morrision did just that..
Check this out!!

'The Right' in West Australia.
The world's most dangerous and unpredictable wave.
Watch on as Ryan 'Hippo' Hipwood returns to conquer the wave that in 2012 nearly took his life.

Mark Mathews, pulling into The Right in West Oz.
Photo: Collins

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