Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Historic swell hits Europe with 60-foot waves

Europe has been by one of largest swells of the decade, as strong winds
combined with high tides and large waves are coming in from the Atlantic Ocean.

The "Black Swell" is hitting UK, Ireland, France and Portugal.
Huge waves have been spotted, as the storm passes through the Azores Islands and heads to Continental Europe.

 A large and very intense storm low over the North Atlantic continues to produce winds to 70 knots with seas to 65 feet (20 meters) along the main shipping routes from the English Channel to/from US East Coast ports.

The black fetch is wide, fast and furious.
The swell charts don't lie.
The eye of the storm is larger than the territory of France and the wave period reaches 25 seconds.

Container ship taking 40 degree roll in North Atlantic
The 2,992 TEU container ship, OOCL Belgium was caught in the middle of the North Atlantic this week experiencing first-hand winter storm Hercules, a huge low pressure system that forecasters say could be creating waves of over 20 meters tall.

While the Eastern American surfers face record-breaking low temperatures, the Old Continent gets ready for the worst hours of the last decade, at least, in the coastal regions.

photo Antonio Araujo

Winter Storm Hercules is responsible for swells in excess of 60 feet.
The Azores Islands have already felt the power of the Atlantic, with massive walls of water hitting the Portuguese archipelago during weekend.

This historic swell comes with heavy rain and winds blowing in the 40-knot mark.
On Sunday, 5th January, 2014, a few big wave surfers have already tasted the power of the "Black Swell", in the iconic surf town of Peniche.

In the British Islands are suffering the worst floods in decades.
Strong winds, persistent rain and tidal surges are synonym of ultra low pressures.

Waves crash on the coast of England
(Photo : Ben Birchall)

Waves crash against the Aberystwyth coastline, in Wales, as strong winds and high tides continue to blow in from the west, Monday Jan. 6, 2014.

 Waves break near a house in Saltcoats in Scotland.

Professional surfers have flocked to the Atlantic coastlines of France, Cornwall, Ireland and Portugal to ride waves up to 18 metres high caused by a low pressure system dubbed "the black swell".

 Jamie Mitchell riding a giant wave at the Belharra in paddle surfing (no tow-in session)
break off the coast of the French Basque country on Tuesday
photo : Pierre Bernard Gascogne

photo : Miguel Da Palma

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