Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stunning images of Costa Concordia captured by drone reveal the work underway to salvage hulking wreck

This video was shot at the location of a tragic accident by Team BlackSheep
"It is not our interest to gain attention on the backs of those who have lost loved ones.
This video is supposed to be a showcase for possible UAV applications.
Our goal is to display the stranded ship in a never-before seen way.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who drowned on this day and we are hoping for a swift removal to reveal again the underlying beauty of Giglio Island, Italy."

From DailyMail

Stunning footage of the ill-fated Costa Concordia captured by a drone has revealed the work underway to salvage hulking wreck.
Filmed at sunset, the haunting film shows the stricken ship, where 32 people died, submerged in around 50ft of water.
The Costa Concordia has been slowly rusting since it heeled over and partially sank after striking rocks off the small island of Giglio on Italy's west coast in January 2012.

>>> geolocalization with the Marine GeoGarage <<<
Can you spot the Costa Concordia?
From far away, the ship looks like an extension of the island.

In the YouTube video the unmanned aerial vehicle slowly travels across the ship and weaves in between the appendages, steel cables and anchor chains which have been set up as part of the salvage operation.

The aim is to right the 114,000 tonne bulk in the water and tow it away.
The video was produced by a company called Team Black Sheep - GCaptain reports they were arrested for their work since picture taking is banned at the site, but they do 'not approve of censorship and therefore will always ignore such rules.'

with Google Maps imagery

 with Google Earth

Last Saturday five people were sentenced for their part in the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster that killed 32 – but look likely to avoid jail.
The four crew members and a company official received jail sentences of between 18 and 34 months after they pleaded guilty to multiple manslaughter, negligence  and shipwreck.
However, judicial sources said none of the five is likely to be jailed as the sentences of under two years were suspended and the longer ones may be appealed or replaced with community service.

CNES Pleïades 1B (18/01/2013)

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