Sunday, July 21, 2013

On one deep breath free divers capture beauty of ocean's depths

From NBCnews

One breath at a time, husband and wife freedivers Christina and Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria explore the depths of the ocean.
Without traditional scuba gear, the divers rely on holding their breath for several minutes at a time, pushing the limits of the human body.
Christina and Eusebio’s passion for the water began as children.
For Christina, it was inspired growing up on the shores of Sydney with beach excursions spent swimming in the ocean.
For Eusebio, it was a fascination that developed with Jacques Cousteau’s weekly Spanish editions of ‘The Undersea World.’
“When taking underwater photos while freediving and when 'fun' freediving we are only underwater for up to 4 minutes for each dive. However while freedive training our dives can be up to 6 minutes for myself and up to 8 minutes for my husband,” writes Christina in an email to NBC News.

Eusebio is able to explore the ocean at depths of 100 meters (328 feet) and Christina up to 80 meters (260 feet).
The couple just arrived in Honduras, and over their next two months in the Caribbean they plan to break their current depth records.

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