Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SpeedDream, quest for the faster monohull on the planet

SpeedDream skipper Cam Lewis showboats off the coast of Rockland, Maine

We the People are fascinated with speed, pushing ourselves ever faster, be it on water, on land in the air or in space.
For Millennia the quest for speed was among the main driving forces of progress.
Boatbuilding, railroads, automotive  and aerospace industries - all grew and advanced fueled by our insatiable appetite for moving faster, for covering greater distances in less time.
Ocean liners that plied the waters between Europe and America were fighting for the famous Blue Riband Trophy.
Just an honorary prize with no monetary value, it generated fierce competition with great rewards for the Trophy holders.
Quest for the Blue Riband contributed greatly to the technological advancement and led to explosion of commerce between America and Europe.
Over the last two decades the quest for speed in sailing has for the most part been led by a small elite group of high performance multihull enthusiasts represented mostly by the sailors from a single nation - France.
The common perception is that monohulls are inheritantly slow and nothing could ever change this.

A quick animation of the SpeedDream 35 prototype.

SpeedDream challenges this perception.
We are confident that our innovative design concept will result in a super-fast monohull capable of beating catamarans and trimarans in their own game and establish a string of speed records, from sailing faster than 50 knots in the open ocean to circling the globe in less time than any yacht ever.
We believe that the true impact of this daring project will extend far beyond setting new sailing records, no matter how lofty they are.

Through the SpeedDream innovative media communication devices, we will take sailors and non-sailors alike on a thrilling ride that reaches beyond the limits of our current knowledge.
We will inspire imagination and challenge established perceptions.
SpeedDream is a quest of turning something that  seems impossible today into reality.

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