Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thousands of fishermen empty lake in minutes

Only one day a year the Dogon people of Mali have the right to fish in the sacred waters of Lake Antogo.
Throughout the year, catch a fish here is forbidden, even the food is scarce in this country so dry and hot. However, the ban is lifted once a year, before the rainy season, during a fishing day that the Dogon tribe never would miss it for anything. Indeed, this is a unique opportunity to catch fish.

Hundreds of "fishing" going on the beach and a few hours of prayers.
Thus, nearly 2000 men who rush to the water, basket in hand.
Catching a fish in the lake Antogo stands for luck for the year ahead for the fisherman.
Men also not hesitate to keep fish caught in their mouths so as not releasing them.

Each catches for yourself and then have to hurry because the whole crowd clears the lake from the fish in minutes...until next year !

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