Thursday, March 4, 2010

PlanetSolar World Tour 2011

The world's largest solar boat has been unveiled this week at the Knierim Yacht Club in Kiel in Germany. PlanetSolar, a 31m long, 15m wide and 60 ton catamaran has been designed to reach a top speed of around 15 knots, and can hold up to 50 passengers.
Power entirely by up to 500 square metres of photovoltaic solar panels composed by 38,000 photovoltaic cells which have an efficiency of at least 22%.

The boat has been designed for a global circumnavigation planned for 2011.
This extraordinary technological but also human challenge is driven by Swiss skipper Raphaël Domjan and French skipper Gérard d'Aboville, the first person to successfully row across the Atlantic Ocean in 1980.

The project will help to motivate engineers and scientists to develop innovative technologies, inspire people around the world, and show that the impossible can become possible.

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