Sunday, January 8, 2023

Tarmo icebreaker arriving Helsinki (1907)

This icebreaker was launched on 9 September 1907 and given the name Tarmo, meaning "vigor" and "spirit" in the Finnish language.
The ship was delivered on 17 December 1907 and on 30 December she left Newcastle under the command of Captain Leonard Melán and headed down the River Tyne to Hanko, Finland, where she arrived on 3 January 1908.
Flawlessly served for 64 years until her retirement in 1970, being now a museum ship. 
Opening shots from Peter von Bagh's 2008 documentary "Helsinki, ikuisesti" ("Helsinki Forever") show a crowd admiring (and soon being chased by) the icebreaker Tarmo in Helsinki, Finland.
Apparently filmed in the 1920s.

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