Saturday, June 10, 2017

Elemen'Terre project

Elemen'Terre project of Marie Tabarly
The Elemen’Terre Project is a documentary series devoted to nature.
The aim is to travel the world and to discover the beauties of nature
through a boat trip ('Pen Duik VI'), arts and outdoor sports.
The objective is also to allow a soul-searching journey.
Through travel and sports we learn to go beyond our limits, we cultivate a certain mindset and we develop a stronger connection between mind and body.
The concept of The Elemen’Terre Project is to discover a different place on the planet at every episode through two personalities.
Each time, one artist and one athlete will join me in order to share different sensitivities and their respective visions of the world.
We will travel by boat for two weeks to meet other cultures, other horizons.
We will observe wild animals crossing our path and will marvel at all different playgrounds provided by nature for us to practise all kind of sports.
The Elemen’Terre Project is a series of documentaries shot under real-life conditions.
I do not want to force people to open up, neither do I want to perform any voyeurism.
I like to take the time to discover people at their own pace, respecting their silences while enjoying every word they say.
My two guests will join the crew in the same way we join a family : by taking part in the daily life onboard, in sailing manœuvres, in conversations…
"Living is to make memories from our dreams" (Sylvain Tesson)

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