Saturday, July 12, 2014


AlpineFoil Corsica Kitefoil
from damchab

In this film, you will discover a revolutionary new water activity called Kitefoil the hydrofoil for kiteboarding is inspired from board foil used by Laird Hamilton in the wave, and sailing boats on the foil America's Cup.
The sensation of flying over the water is completely amazing, it's like a magic carpet or a bird flying over the water. the feeling is amazing as surfing in powder snow .

The kitefoil used in this video designed and developed by Damien Chaboud is Alpinefoil 4.5, born from four years of research and experimentation in digital wind tunnel
This kitefoil full carbon is completely removable, comes with its own bag for travel and assembly tool.
The wings of this kitefoil were designed to have the best compromise, stability, performance and accessability .
The Alpinefoil can be used from 4/ 5 knots and up to read 35 knots .

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