Monday, April 1, 2013

Find treasure with Google Maps

In September 2012 our team discovered a paper map that has been verified as Captain Kidd's treasure map.
However, we haven't deciphered all the clues yet and its up to you to access his map and uncover the secrets.
If we all work together, we can solve the mystery and find the long lost treasure.

From GoogleLatLon

Archeological analysis has confirmed that our Google Maps Street View team has indeed found one of history’s long lost relics: a treasure map belonging to the infamous pirate, William “Captain” Kidd.

The map was found on a recent expedition in the Indian Ocean, as part of a deep-water dive to expand our underwater Street View collection.
Captain Kidd was rumored to have buried his treasure around the world, and tales of a long-lost treasure map have lingered for generations.

When Dr. Marco Meniketti, an independent archaeologist, confirmed that this was Captain Kidd’s 315 year-old map, we were very excited.
However, as seen in the video, the map contains a variety of encrypted symbols and is not readily decipherable.
We need your help to decipher these symbols and find Captain Kidd’s treasures; therefore we’ve decided to digitize the map and make it accessible to everyone.

 Our digital version allows anyone to explore Captain Kidd’s long-lost treasure map

To access Captain Kidd’s treasure map, click here or on the “Treasure” button in the top right corner of Google Maps.
If we all work together, we can solve the mystery.

Be sure to follow the Google Maps G+ page or as we work together to decipher the clues to Captain Kidd’s buried secrets.

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