Sunday, February 17, 2019

Greenland, land of ice

Greenland - "Since 8 years I'm traveling to this magical country. Today quiet and untouched places are becoming more and more rare. On my first visit to Greenland, I was fascinated by the incredible power of nature that can be felt everywhere. But during the last years things have changed. The amount of icebergs is increasing savagely. Glaciers I'm visiting every year are retreating not meters but kilometers a year and the unending amount of ice seems to be endless. There is nothing more beautiful than an iceberg - everyone is unique and the light reflecting from its surface is magical. It's sad how close beauty and decay can be seen in an iceberg. This movie is is an appreciation to the ice - for me the most amazing aggregate state of water."

Behind the scenes (other video)

For this short film I travelled to Greenland with my drones several times.
Always with the target of a certain region in a certain light situation.
The shots from the calving glacier took me 4 days at the Eqi Glacier and over 75 battery charges for only 4 usable shots of a few seconds.
It's a very hard intention to film the very right moment on a glacier front of about 6km wide - especially close up.
But the hardest thing of flying in Greenland is the fact, that every 2-3 minutes the difference between the magnetic north and the geographic north (which are not the same place - especially so far north) causing a fatal p-gps flight error and the drone is flying away (also the camera's horizon).
But at the end every single flight was worth it - filming Icebergs from above is one of the most beautiful things I've ever done.
Additionally I used the drone to scout the landing spot and look for polar bears.
The best thing for bears and humans is to not meet each other on shore.

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