Saturday, December 2, 2017

Crossing the North Sea Alone, wintertime

So here it is, my biggest challenge in my sailing career!
(Erik Aanderaa, RESQ GROUP- Safety and Emergency Preparedness)

Sailing solo across the North Sea from Haugesund, Norway- to Lerwick on Shetland the 26th of January, 2017.

North Sea with the GeoGarage platform (NHS)

This made me and Sigurd the first ones ever to have crossed the North Sea solo to join the Up Helly Aa- festival on these beautiful islands...
Some say crazy, I say crazy not to give it a try.
This is how we develop and grow.
Staying safe all the time wont get you anywhere.
The video was hard to make.
Its all about having the effort to pick up the camera when you really dont want to, and most important, trying to make a story out of it..
Seasick, cold and wet every minute.
I loved it.
Its all about making a plan and follow it.
Theres only plan A.
You dont think about plan B before you are forced to!
Stay on your course and hold it steady!
Youve might heard the words often attributed to Mr. Winston Churchill: "If your going through hell, keep walking" ;)

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