Friday, April 8, 2016

Wireless iBubble underwater drone will revolutionize the scuba diving experience

From Forbes

iBubble, is the first autonomous and wireless underwater camera.
The iBubble drone camera follows your underwater outings, autonomously and in high-definition.
You become your own director, creating professional pictures.

iBubble is the brainchild of diver Kevin Delfour and tech enthusiast Xavier Spengler.
As they looked for a way to create quality submarine videos with minimal equipment, the idea of an autonomous camera that was able to follow and film divers underwater became evident.
The pair turned to Startup Maker to create the product (Startup Maker is the French startup studio behind Hexo+, the follow drone that raised $1.3M last year on Kickstarter). iBubble is currently being developed in France.

Early on in the development of the product, Guillaume Néry was pulled into the project.
Guillaume is a freediving champion (126m vertical depth), and filmmaker.
He currently is the company’s ambassador.
Free from heavy video equipment, you simply enjoy your dive.
The wireless iBubble follows divers and swimmers in the deep, thanks to its intelligent onboard software.
While silently capturing your submarine journey, it understands your way of diving.
Gliding with you, analyzing your moves, sharing with your friends what you see and where you are.

 Guillaume Néry : "Intelligent, it silently captures your submarine journey. It understands your way of diving. Gliding with you, analyzing your moves, sharing with your team what you see and where you are."

iBubble shadows you via a connected bracelet.
Smart and wireless, you can let it follow you while you focus on your diving.
Features on the iBubble include Follow me, 360° selfie, zoom in, zoom out and several filming mode.
Switch between them with a touch of your bracelet.

Connect your camera to iBubble for instant 2D or 3D video capability.
The camera comes to life when the drone touches the water and withstands depths of up to 230ft. Thanks to integrated LED lights that adapt to the ambient light level, iBubble captures quality video, always.

iBubble will follow you for 1 hour on one battery. Simply swap batteries for a longer outing.
Once the battery is empty, the drone automatically resurfaces.
LED lights make it easy to locate.
iBubble works with most action sports cameras, including GoPro® Hero.
No more bulky camera housing cases! iBubble keeps your equipment safe, in style.
With convenient handles, the drone is a breeze to transport on land.
Pre-sales for the iBubble start in February 2016, with working prototypes being shipped to testers in September 2016.
General sales will start in January 2017.

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