Sunday, November 30, 2014

Netscape cofounder Jim Clark may have just built one of the fastest yachts in the World

Netscape cofounder Jim Clark is no stranger to the high seas.
The 70-year-old serial entrepreneur — who's now worth $1.4 billion after investments in Apple, Facebook, and Twitter — owns two massive super yachts that he uses to compete in long-distance races.
However it's his brand-new boat, named "Comanche," that's grabbed the attention of the yachting world.
Comanche is a 100-foot monohull sailboat that can reach speeds of up to 40 mph.
According to CNN, it took Clark's team a year to finish it.
The tech billionaire told CNN that the primary goal is for Comanche "to be a record breaker" and "go really, really fast."
The yacht will get its first chance with an upcoming race that takes competitors 630 nautical miles from Sydney, Australia to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.
It will be the first outing for Comanche.
"I wish Sydney-Hobart wasn't the first race, in fact you couldn't choose a worst race for our first race. It's like we've gone straight from the gym to the heavyweightchampionship of the world," Ken Read, Comanche's skipper, said to CNN.
"And it could end up like an F1 car blowing its engine on its first outing on the track."
Comanche and its 22-person crew have already set sail for Australia, where they will prepare for the Hobart race, which usually starts just after Christmas.Clark's other boat, the 295-foot "Athena," is currently for sale for $75 million.

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