Sunday, July 28, 2013

Between home : odyssey of an unusual sea bandit

Between Home: Odyssey of an unusual sea bandit - OFFICIAL TRAILER from Jack Rath 

Between Home is a high spirited, poetic adventure documentary, that chronicle's a young person's rites of passage, from novice sailor to expert in three years of life aged in salt, sun and wind.
Shot onboard and also on location around the globe, Between Home displays the panache of Nick Jaffe's ocean odyssey from Europe to Australia, and what happens when you dare to follow your dream.

When Nick Jaffe confessed to filmmaker Jack Rath that he was 'raw recruit' to sailing and needed to learn how because he was planning a 26.000 km passage around the world it was a clear subject for a film.
Filmed over four years, 'Between Home' documents the odyssey of this Australian whiz-kid programmer.
Beginning shortly after Jaffe purchases a second hand-boat in England, the film captures Jaffe's modulation of moods from high frequency stress to debased hilarity.
Jaffe lives 'hand to mouth' while sinking deeper into debt and so invites the world to experience his dream through a blog that will help fund his voyage.
And it works.
The generosity of people wanting him to succeed is overwhelming yet it creates a paradox of added pressure from the world he's trying to retreat from.
Alone at sea Jaffe keeps a video log, and answers questions given to him before departure.
His philosophy appears to be a combination of auto-didacticism and 'gung ho libertarism' as he sails without permits or insurance.
At certain points on Jaffe's voyage, Rath catches up to him in Berlin, England, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean, Long Island, on a road trip across the U.S. As Jaffe voyages through the Pacific he encounters love, loss, and the ferocity of nature with a tsunami.
As the sailor reaches his home shore Australia, the filmmaker meets him and captures Jaffe's abrupt confrontation with meaning of the term 'closure' in an unanticipated way.

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