Thursday, May 30, 2013

US NOAA update in the Marine GeoGarage

52 charts have been updated in the Marine GeoGarage (with 1 new chart 16190)
(NOAA update March/April/mi-May 2013)

  • 11347 Calcasieu River and Lake
  • 11361 Mississippi River Delta;Southwest Pass;South Pass;Head of Passes
  • 11402Intracoastal Waterway Apalachicola Bay to Lake Wimico
  • 11411Intracoastal Waterway Tampa Bay to Port Richey
  • 11415Tampa Bay Entrance; Manatee River Extension
  • 11416Tampa Bay;Safety Harbor;St. Petersburg;Tampa
  • 11425Intracoastal Waterway Charlotte Harbor to Tampa Bay
  • 11545 Beaufort Inlet and Part of Core Sound;Lookout Bight
  • 12211 Fenwick Island to Chincoteague Inlet;Ocean City Inlet
  • 12245Hampton Roads
  • 12272Chester River; Kent Island Narrows. Rock Hall Harbor and Swan Creek
  • 12338 Chesapeake Bay Mobjack Bay and York River Entrance
  • 12342 Harlem River
  • 13203 Georges Bank Western part
  • 13237 Nantucket Sound and Approaches
  • 13295 Kennebec and Sheepscot River Entrances
  • 13312Frenchman and Blue Hill Bays and Approaches
  • 16190 Bering Strait North;Little Diomede Island
  • 16220 Bering Sea, St. Lawrence Island to Bering Strait
  • 18421 Strait of Juan de Fuca to Strait of Georgia; Drayton Harbor
  • 18427 Anacortes to Skagit Bay
  • 18640San Francisco to Point Arena
  • 18645Gulf of the Farallones;Southeast Farallon
  • 18680Point Sur to San Francisco
  • 1116A Mississippi River to Galveston (Oil and Gas Leasing Areas)
  • 11330 Mermentau River to Freeport
  • 11340 Mississippi River to Galveston
  • 11348 Intracoastal Waterway Forked Island to Ellender. including the Mermantau River. Grand Lake and White Lake
  • 11378 Intracoastal Waterway Santa Rosa Sound to Dauphin Island
  • 11481 Approaches to Port Canaveral
  • 11503 St. Marys Entrance Cumberland Sound and Kings Bay
  • 11537 Cape Fear River Cape Fear to Wilmington
  • 12222 Chesapeake Bay Cape Charles to Norfolk Harbor
  • 12230 Chesapeake Bay Smith Point to Cove Point
  • 13224 Providence River and Head of Narragansett Bay
  • 13283 Portsmouth Harbor Cape Neddick Harbor to Isles of Shoals; Portsmouth Harbor
  • 16304 Kuskokwim Bay to Bethel
  • 11341 Calcasieu Pass to Sabine Pass
  • 11376 Mobile Bay Mobile Ship Channel-Northern End
  • 11439 Sand Key to Rebecca Shoal
  • 12285 FOLIO SMALL-CRAFT CHART Potomac River-; District of Columbia
  • 12339 East River Tallman Island to Queensboro Bridge
  • 12343 Hudson River New York to Wappinger Creek
  • 13324 Intracoastal Waterway Sandy Hook to Little Egg Harbor
  • 14832 Niagara Falls to Buffalo
  • 17331 Charham Strait Ports Alexander. Conclusion. and Armstrong
  • 17333 Ports Herbert. Walter. Lucy and Armstrong
  • 17335 Patterson Bay and Deep Cove
  • 17360 Etolin Island to Midway Islands. including Sumner Strait;Holkham Bay;Big Castle Island
  • 18453 Tacoma Harbor
  • 18703 Estero Bay;Morro Bay
  • 19357 Island of O'ahu;Barbers Point Harbor
Today 1024 NOAA raster charts (2166 including sub-charts) are included in the Marine GeoGarage viewer.

Note : NOAA updates their nautical charts with corrections published in:
  • U.S. Coast Guard Local Notices to Mariners (LNMs),
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Notices to Mariners (NMs), and
  • Canadian Coast Guard Notices to Mariners (CNMs)
While information provided by this Web site is intended to provide updated nautical charts, it must not be used as a substitute for the United States Coast Guard, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, or Canadian Coast Guard Notice to Mariner publications

Please visit the
NOAA's chart update service for more info.

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