Monday, April 9, 2012

Waterproof iPhone case allows you to take pictures, videos 20 feet underwater

Take advantage of the HD video capability of your iPhone 4S/4 and bring it to the underwater world. Put the phone in the Keystone ECO MarineCase that protects the phone up to 20 ft underwater. It also protects your phone from sand, rain and snow.
When you go to the pool, the beach and any watersport activities, exchange your daily phone with the
Keystone ECO MarineCase for added protection.

Wish you could take pictures and videos with your iPhone while submerged under 20 feet of water?
A new waterproof swimsuit for the iPhone 4 and 4S keeps the phone completely dry — whether you’re snapping shots of marine life in the ocean or texting during a casual swim in the pool.

iPhone case manufacturer Concord Keystone has created the Keystone ECO MarineCase, which protects against water exposure.
The device also works well in any situation where water might be present, such as snorkeling, fishing, boating and rafting.

The clear protective silicon cover supports the full iPhone screen and call functionality, so you can watch videos, answer email, send texts and use apps without ever leaving the water.
It also protects against sand at the beach.

The case — which comes in black and white, along with a neck strap — is not for everyday use. It’s designed for in-water use, so you would switch your cases before jumping into water:
“You don’t swim in your everyday clothes. Your iPhone shouldn’t either,” the site says.

Check out the video below of a turtle swimming underwater, which was taken with an iPhone wearing the MarineCase.
The mobile swimsuits are now available for $39.99 on Amazon.

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