Sunday, July 10, 2011

Understanding a nautical chart : a practical guide to safe navigation

We all rely on charts to navigate at sea - but are we missing essential information?
A mass of data is included on each chart and deciphering the many symbols and abbreviations can be complicated.
The accuracy of some charted depths can be trusted entirely while others should be treated with caution.

This book will tell you where to find - and how to understand - this vital knowledge.
'Understanding a Nautical Chart' from
Paul Boissier explains how charts are compiled before guiding you through the elements that make up these vital navigational tools.
In addition to a wealth of practical advice there is a key to all the chart symbols and abbreviations.
  • Includes information on electronic charts
  • How to update a chart
  • Establish the accuracy of each chart
  • Ideal for professional mariners and leisure sailors
  • Includes a key to every Admiralty chart symbol and abbreviation.
  • No chart table should be without it.
Navigation and charts fascinate novice and experienced seamen alike, and this book is the easiest way to gain an immediate and clear understanding of the wealth of information available on a nautical chart.
There is a full explanation of how to establish the accuracy of charts to allow you to navigate with confidence and safety.
Learning the abbreviations and symbols are critical to anybody using a chart and before you can use one, you must know them or at have easy access to the definitions, all of which are included in a full copy of the key to UKHO charts (Chart 5011).
50 pence from the sale of each book will be donated to the

The chart information included is presented in the following sections:
  • General: Chart Number, Title, Marginal Notes, Positions, Distances, Directions, Compass
  • Topography: Natural Features, Cultural Features, Landmarks, Ports, Topographic Terms
  • Hydrography: Tides, Currents, Depths, Nature of the Seabed, Rocks, Wrecks, Obstructions, Offshore Installations, Tracks, Routes Areas, Limits, Hydrographic Terms
  • Aids and Services: Lights, Buoys, Beacons, Fog Signals, Radar, Radio, Electronic Position-Fixing Systems, Services, Small Craft Facilities
  • Alphabetical Index: Index of Abbreviations, International Abbreviations, List of Descriptors, IALA Maritime Buoyage.

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