Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is this the world’s best tidal bore wave ?

Witness the greatest river bore tubes ever surfed.
Caused by tides, these waves can travel for miles up rivers.

From AdventuresJournal

When the first pulses of the
tidal bore showed, Bruno Santos (BRA), Dean Brady (AUS), Tyler Larronde (FRA), Oney Anwar (IND) and original Searcher Tom Curren (USA) were there to greet the chocolate barrels of the Seven Ghosts.

Tidal bores will never have the same elemental attractive power of an ocean wave, but from a pure motion standpoint it’s hard to argue with something that you can surf for six or seven miles.
Or that offers the peeling perfection of this absurdly idealized tidal bore in Northern Sumatra.
>>> geolocalization with the Marine GeoGarage <<<

Captured by
Rip Curl on a season-long boat trip through Indonesia, Seven Ghosts appears in this teaser, which does just that: tease.
Most of the bores we’ve seen so far are little more than crumbling mushburgers, but this one has a mini-tube that looks pretty darn attractive, poopy-colored water and all.

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