Monday, March 7, 2011

iPhone/iPad GPS position issues

A couple of mobile Marine GeoGarage users report us some problem of geolocalization in our iPhone/iPad universal applications : they don't manage to get a GPS position (so vessel tracking) on the maps.

1/ The first idea is to suspect a trouble of settings :

Just check some setting related to this GPS issue :

  • in "Settings", accessed via the "General" icon you can find a function labeled, "Location Services"
  • normally "Location Services" must be "ON" but on the individual App menu, can you check if Marine NZ/US/Brazil is not "OFF"
  • if it's, turn it "ON" and the GPS problem will normally be resolved.
2/ The second idea is to suspect a trouble with the internal GPS hardware :
So check the device is no more in cellular mode but well with the
GPS locating method

To investigate the problem, the first step is to download the Free application "
GPS Info!" :
If the embedded GPS works with GPS Info! or with other mapping applications on the Ipad including the Map App that came with the Ipad as well as other Aps (MotionX...), it must give you :

Lat xx.xxxxxx / Long xxx.xxxxxx / altitude xx meters / locating method GPS

  • don't hesitate to update the version of your iOS to the current version (4.2 today) and don't hesitate also to update of the Marine NZ/US/Brazil
  • to help us to solve your problem, you can send us a screen-shoot to have information about your issue. To take an iPhone/iPad screenshot, simply press the sleep button at the top of the iPhone/iPad and the home button at the same time.
This picture points out these two buttons

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