Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Google searching box in Marine GeoGarage using Lat/Lon

Some Marine GeoGarage users ask us about the way to find a place using latitude and longitude coordinates using the Google search box.
If you know the coordinates of a location, you can simply enter the coordinates into the search box to locate it on the Marine GeoGarage.

IMPORTANT : the place you want to find must necessary be located on land
If your type some coordinates at sea, the search bow will not provide you any answer.

The behaviour of this general Google search box is different from the behaviour of the
Search Maps box in Google Maps
Example :
If the geographical position is located at sea, you get a red balloon showing the exact position.
If the geographical position is located on land, you get a red balloon showing the closest known address on the map and a green arrow showing the exact position (with translation in decimal degrees)
With the Google Maps search box, prefixing the coordinates with 'loc:' give you the exact position for the red balloon.
This Google Maps search box is not available for the Google Maps API used for Marine GeoGarage.

In the Marine GeoGarage, how to find a location on land using latitude and longitude ?

In order to do this, the latitude and longitude can be in either Degrees, Minutes, seconds, or in decimal form.
So by way of example, here is how to enter Latitude and longitude into the Marine GeoGarage Google search box, using the following GPS coordinates.
For example : Latitude: 40 Deg. 46 min. 41.53 sec. / Longitude: -73 Deg. 58 Min. 3.05 Sec.

All you do is enter the following into Google search field:

Co-ordinates – specify the latitude and longitude as in +40 46 41.53 -73 58 3.05 (note that it is not necessary to put the degree and minute signs and that a full stop between the longitude and latitude can be put in or left out), Google Search interprets this format as co-ordinates and either expands the co-ordinates and / or supplies a map with the co-ordinate location in the center.
  • DD°MM.MMMMM' : 40°46.69217' -73°58.05083' or 40 46.69217' -73 58.05083' or N 40° 46.69217 W 73° 58.05083 and this GPS coordinate will show up in Marine GeoGarage
  • DD°MM'SS" : 40°46' 41.53" -73°58' 3.05" or 40 46' 41.53" -73 46' 3.05"
  • DD.DDDDD : Additionally, if your latitude and longitude numbers are in decimal format, like say, 40.7782028 -73.9675139 there is no need to convert over to the degree minutes, seconds, notation.

The other solution is to use the Marine GeoGarage URL generator which generates some GeoGarage URL with some WGS84 Lat/Lon in decimal (see blog)

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