Friday, September 17, 2010

iPhone in a Bottle : throw it out to sea to explore oceans

This is the utopian but poetic project from iWeb a small company from Cyprus which wants to study oceans and explore the depths with iPhone placed in a bottle and throwed out to sea...

They want to put an iPhone in a bottle and throw it out to sea. It will take photos and upload them on for everyone to see!

All our supporters will have the chance to put their name inside the "bottle" and become part of this unique event.

They were inspired last year to do this after a student sent a camera to space using a weather balloon. They want to follow the same concept but with a twist.
The difference is that they will send two iPhone 4's, but not to space.
They will send them out to sea!

The iPhone will be in a custom made "bottle". They will throw it in the sea and wait for it to reach shore in another country. But they will not just sit and wait. They will design a system with which we can monitor the position of the "bottle" using GPS trackers. They will also program the iPhones to take random photos during its journey, and whenever there is GPRS or 3G reception it will upload the photos to the project's website.

They will place 2 iPhones in the bottle.
One will be "Sea View" and will face forward, capturing images of the sea and hopefully some ships and land ahead.
The other will be "Fish View" and it will be facing downwards, hopefully capturing images of some fish which come to eat off the bottle.

Everything will be powered by solar chargers so as to keep the system working (indefinitely I hope). They will track the position live using a GPS tracker which has worldwide signal, and the journey will be plotted on a map and shown on the website in realtime.

They will also build an iPhone application which anyone can download for free and watch the "bottle's" journey.

So make good things happen : visit
Ulule online crowd-funding campaign

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