Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oceans film, a tradition of commitment to nature and the environment

Oceans and space are two dimensions still largely unknown which represent both our origins and future.
In his new movie "Oceans" French filmmaker Jacques Perrin teamed up with the European Space Agency to reveal the deepest secrets of the big blue: from the beauty of its creatures to mankind destruction of it. Indeed space truly plays a key part in the "Oceans".
Three quarters of the earth's surface is covered with water and thanks to satellites, that Jacques Perrin calls the "divine balcony", we now have a better understanding of the oceans that could help manage climate changes affecting our planet.

Original video taken from "Oceans" French nature documentary film by Jacques Perrin

Speed at 10 knots in the middle of a hunting tuna shoal, accompany the dolphins as they frolic, swim shoulder to fin with a great white shark—watching the film "Oceans" is like being a fish among fish. Following on from "Microcosmos", "Himalaya" and "Winged Migration", Jacques Perrin uses brand new filming methods to take us from the polar ice floes to the tropics, to plunge us into the heart of the oceans and their storms to discover well-known, little-known and unknown sea creatures.
"Oceans" explores man's impact on wildlife and, through pictures and emotions, provides an answer to the question: " The Ocean? What is it?"
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