Tuesday, February 23, 2010

About nautical chart updates frequency

The main advantage of the Marine GeoGarage server is to provide up to date nautical charts.

At this stage of the project, the time planning for the updates which depends on the distribution methods used by the different Hydrographic Services (HS) is the following :

  • NOAA : every 2 months (today 1024 charts / 2223 including sub-charts)
  • UKHO : every 3 months (today 667 charts / 1293 including sub-charts)
  • Linz : every month (today 323 charts)
  • Brazil : every month (today 242 charts)
* sub-chart : a paper chart might include a number of smaller detailed charts inset inside of it.

Note : in a future version of the Marine GeoGarage backend application, this scheduling will be reduced to match the update rating proposed the different HS servers (using automated distribution infrastructure provided by NOAA for example)

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