Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rainbow surfer : the perfect day

Picture perfect: Photographer Zak Noyle (A-Frame / Barcroft Media) snapped the rare natural phenomenon of a rainbow touching down above the head of a surfer off the coast of paradise island Tahiti

Christian Redongo surfs a wave with a rainbow in the background, in Teahupoo, Tahiti, French Polynesia.
This award-winning picture shows land and sea linked by a rainbow.
The surfer may have been left wondering whether a pot of gold could be under his board at the bottom of the ocean. 26-year-old photographer, Zak Noyle from Honolulu, Hawaii, scooped the Surfer Magazine 2011 best photo of the year competition for this picture.

We are used to seeing an awful lot of amazing rainbow pictures.
And great surfing shots.
But rarely do we see them together.
So this jaw-dropping and award-winning picture, showing land and sea linked by a rainbow surfer, got our attention.
The rare moment was captured when a mighty wave, being ridden by a lucky surfer - who must have been left wondering whether the hidden treasure could have been beneath his legs in the bottom of the ocean - and green headland were connected by light refracted by moist French Polynesian air while.

‘That was a trip that I took for a week filming’, said Zak.
‘It was an amazing afternoon with just my friends out in the water.
‘It wasn't huge, but I saw that rainbow forming - it was just a quick moment and only lasted for two waves.
‘I saw it and was like - Oh, that was sick.
‘I saw how it formed and how he stood up - all the elements just came together at that point.’

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