Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Open Sailing

From OpenSailing

Open_Sailing is currently working on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill recovery methods.
Together with several other groups, Open_Sailing is developing Protei, an oil spill cleaning sailing robot.

Protei presentation video

The oceans covers more than 71% of the surface of the earth.
The annual budget for space exploration is more than a thousand times the ocean exploration budget, yet there is so much to learn from the oceans and to do there.
Life started in water, the majority of humans live at less than 150 km from the coast.
We urgently need a new generation of semi-permanent affordable and sustainable architecture to explore and study the oceans, understand biodiversity, monitor climate change, address marine pollution, invent new modes of sustainable aquaculture, create data mesh networks, produce renewable energies, for navigation safety purposes and much more.

Open_Sailing is an international community trying to develop the International_Ocean_Station as an open-source project, developing hardware and software to enable intelligent human activities at sea.
The project started as an apocalyptic design response unit, but has evolved into a voluntary exploration community of passionate amateurs, inventors and scientists.
We believe that in a matter of months and with a modest budget, we can challenge the civilization symbol of the International Space Station that produces today semi-secret data, that costs more than 150 billion $ to tax payers and was developed over decades by a closed group of rocket scientists.
We can do it.
It is not a utopian project we are working on it everyday.

Open_Sailing is divided into several labs investigating novel technologies :

  • Protei : an ocean cleaning sailing robot
  • Instinctive_Architecture : an architecture that behaves like a super-organism, reacting to the weather conditions and other variables, reconfiguring itself
  • Energy_Animal : an independent module that generates energy from the waves, wind and sun, providing continuously off-grid energy and being a node for environment and data mesh networking.
  • Nomadic_Ecosystem : engineering a mobile aquaculture to sustain human long term life at sea.
  • Openet.org : forum to formulate a global standard for a purely civilian internet, an internet moderated by its users, not by the governments nor the industries nor the militaries.
  • Life_Cable : a simpler unified standard for energy, water, waste, information in a complex built structure.
  • Swarm_Operating_System : a customizable decision assisting software, using real-time data about global threats or personal interests.
  • Ocean_Cookbook : making the experience at sea not of a survival quality but a truly yummy experience.
We are welcoming oceanographers, maritime, mechanical, telecommunication engineers and architects, biotechnologist, sea farmers, physicists and chemists, sailors, fishermen, kite surfers, dietitians, divers, programers, mathematicians, philosophers, lawyers, accountants, craftsmen, designers of any level of qualification and age, contact us.

We are inviting you to join our labs or create your own within Open_Sa
iling, host your research on this soon to be built structure.

Links :
  • CSMonitor : 'Glider' robots now prowling Gulf Oil Spill

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